We do not believe in the standard concept of racking up new customers. We regularly call our existing customers to make sure that we keep pace with their growing businesses.

International Bandwidth

FON’s high-performance dedicated bandwidth service combines essential Internet features with global Internet reach and scalability for enterprises of all sizes. You get dedicated bandwidth by connecting directly to our extensive fibre optic network getting speeds scalable from 1Mbps to STM64. Maximise your business efficiency and gain the benefits of dedicated bandwidth virtually hassle free through our reliable optical fibre network and proactive management.

Mobile Backhaul Solutions

FON offers backhaul solutions that cover diverse technical implementations, including Hybrid backhaul, Packet Only backhaul, SDH backhaul and Circuit Emulation Services (CES). The Hybrid backhaul is particularly ideal where all-IP networks have to interwork with existing TDM overlay networks. It enables seamless migration to an all-IP network due to its ability to transport both TDM and IP/Ethernet natively.

Dark Fibre

We at FON offer very high price-performance for network users who require high performance, or wish to operate their own network for security or other commercial reasons. Metro Dark Fibre network is our Fibre Solutions’ core product offering. We design solutions based on your needs and specifications. Creating custom dedicated Dark Fibre networks is one of the ways we bring you the best communications network at industry-competitive prices.

IP Services

We are uniquely qualified to help ISPs, carriers and large corporations by providing efficient access to the Internet through our optical transport network and extensive local and international Internet peering.  Our transit services provide fast, reliable service; guaranteed uptime; optimized bandwidth capacity and specialized routing options.

Local Loop Solutions

FON offers local loop solutions based on fibre in the last mile. Whatever you want to transmit, FON local loop solutions are ideal for high bandwidth applications such as television signal distribution, video on demand, telephony, high speed internet access, digital television distribution, inter branch connectivity. 

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster or an outage takes place FON will provide data protection with an automatic failover to our secure data centres for uninterrupted operations so that you can continue doing what you do best: growing your business and serving your customers.

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